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Grand Fir

Enjoyed for its strong woodsy fragrance, unique needle structure, and soft, full appearance. Grand fir is sheared to create a beautiful, thick foliage Christmas tree perfect for decorating. It is the best smelling tree on the lot.

grand fir
Douglas Fir

One of the most popular Christmas trees on the west coast for years. A quality Douglas fir will have a full cone shape with slender branches. Douglas firs are heavily sheared to form an almost perfect pyramid shape. Branches are slender and curved slightly upwards, giving a soft, full, graceful appearance. Flexible needles are dark green, about 1 inch long, and soft to the touch. A Douglas fir has a pleasant, woodsy scent that adds so much to the Christmas feeling.

douglas fir
Noble Fir

The number one selling tree on the lot. It has sturdy branches and is a beautiful dark green color. It is very aromatic and holds its needles for a long time.

noble fir
Silver Tip

Native to the high elevations in California. It has been a favorite for many years for those who like the open growth pattern.

silver tip
Nordman Fir

Short, dark green needles that lay flat on the branch with a deep green silvery underside that is soft to the touch. It is considered a tree with long lasting qualities with minimal needle drop.


Imitate the appearance of a tree in nature, with its branches dusted with fluffy, glistening snow.

flocked christmas tree
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